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Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese martial arts.
Now, it is increasingly found that it may be the best sports for the health of mind and body.

About thousands of years ago, when some people in ancient China was doing meditation, they found that if they in a right body posture and a right psychological state , they will feel something special in their body.

right body posture.
right psychological state

At first they felt that their palms and feet were getting hot and then their body were getting hot too, they became healthier. At last they found that energy flow was flowing in their body.
They record the paths and points of the flow. The paths were named meridian (or main and collateral channels , Chinese name is 经络 Jing Luo).The points were named acupuncture points( Chinese name is 穴位Xue Wei ).

People also found the relationship between meridian ,acupuncture points and internal organs.

This meridian is about the lungs.
Those two acupuncture points are about the lungs too.
Meridians are the channels of the energy and the exclusion of toxins.
Meridians are usually near your ligaments. So a stretching exercise was invented to make the meridians more clear. It was called Yi Jin Jing 易筋经.
In India, there is a similar exercise, called Yoga. But, Yi Jin Jing has the guide from the meridian theory so it’s safer and more efficient.

Let's go back to the previous keywords:
right body posture
right psychological state
Later some martial artists began to use the same methods in their exercises and even in their fighting.
About several hundred years ago, someone succeeded, and it greatly improved his martial arts skill to a much higher level.
Only the martial arts whit the correct "body posture" and "psychological state" is Tai Chi.
Otherwise it’s not true Tai Chi.
most of the so-called Tai Chi you have seen are fake. Especially the Tai Chi styles that Chinese government recommended are 100% fake. Such as “24-styles Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a martial arts.
In order to reduce the fighting effect of Chinese martial arts, the Chinese government asked the gymnasts from U.S.S.R.(Soviet Russia) to change the Chinese martial arts including tai chi in 1950S , so that it could only perform instead of fighting.
Fake Tai Chi will damage your health, especially your knee.

The right "body posture" and "mental state" will be the point of our teaching!
You will learn real tai chi.

What is the difference between Tai Chi andother sports?

TaiChi may be the best sports for the health of mind and body.

1. Not a simple body movement, it is a movement from the mind to the body
2. Not a simple muscle movement. It can make your ligaments soft and make your bones and internal organs stronger.
3. Base on the classical Chinese meridian theory, It can clear the channel of energy flow and exclusion of toxins.
4. It is an energy and blood movement . Improve your energy levels, Improve your immunity. Bring you comprehensive health
5. Very safe! You can practice forever!


The world knows Wing Chun because of Bruce Lee。
Wing Chun is a traditional martial arts from southern of China.
Wing Chun is the first martial arts that Bruce Lee has learned, It’s the basis of Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu system.
Wing Chun is a very efficient, simple, practical close range combat. It can use as little energy consumption and opponents the most difficult way to predict, beat the opponent.
Our Wing Chun from Bruce Lee's master --- Ye Wen.

WING CHUN Includs 3 sets of Kongfu :Siu Nim Tau \Chum Kiu\ Biu Ji and one set of Muk Yan Jong Kongfu. Weapon skill includes Luk Dim Bun Gwan and Baat Jaam Dou.

Studio Introduction:

Chen’s Tai Chi is the first professional training institutions on traditional Chinese martial arts and Health movement in Saskatoon。
Our courses include: Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Yi Jin Jing , Anapanasati meditation and so on
Our coaches are practicing for many years and have a deep understanding.
We provide the best service for everyone.

Our team:
8 years Tai Chi practice experience. Follow the famous master systematically studied: Woo style Tai Chi, Le’s Yang style TaiChi, Yi Jin Jing , Anapanasati meditation.
Has a very deep understanding on Tai Chi, can use the most simple language to explain TaiChi. His tai chi course is efficient and easy to learn. Those practitioners who can practice for a month, no less than an hour a day, are able to feel a significant improvement in the body.
Since childhood learning Shaolin Kungfu, Taekwondo, China Free Boxing. Later, follow master Zhong Yiyang very systematic to learn Ye Wen’s Wing Chun and Le’s Yang style TaiChi
. Graduated from Chinese People's Police University, working in China and Canada law enforcement agencies for a total of fourteen years. He has a lot of fighting experience

Our course:
Anapanasati meditation:
Find the right "body posture" and "psychological state", focus breathing, good for the overall physical and mental health.

Yi Jin Jing:
Stretch the ligaments safely, dredge the meridians, clear the energy flow channel and detoxification channel, remove the visceral toxins, improve the internal organs, spine, joint health. Every style can have a good place to have some internal organs and joints, such as: heart, lung, liver, intestine, stomach, kidney, lumbar spine, cervical, shoulder, knee, hip and so on

Woo style TaiChi
It is a very refined Tai Chi, so that you find the right "body posture" and " psychological state" when you exercise. Effectively improve the body's energy level, Make your bones and viscera strong and comprehensively improve health..

Le’s Yang style TaiChi
A very classic tai chi style. From Ren Gang master ,More difficult, suitable for advanced practitioners.

Ye Wen’s Wing Chun
1.Siu Nim Tau
2. the basic skills
2.1Step method:
2.2.Foot method
2.3Hand method
3. Practical application:
4. strength and physical
5. Wing Chun theory

太极是一种传统的中国武术Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese martial arts。





所以大家看到的绝大多数所谓的“太极拳”,特别是中国官方体育机构推荐的标准太极拳套路都不是真正的太极拳。太极拳也是一种武术,本质上一种杀伤对方的技术。 为了让中国传统武术丧失实战能力而变成一种表演,中国政府在1950年代请苏联的体操专家根据体操表演的要求改造了传统武术包括太极拳。


4. 它是一种气、血的运动,提升能量水平,提升免疫力。带给人体的全面健康。




RONGRONG CHEN:8年太极拳练习经历,师从“太极书道”创始人、太极武术家翟玉海老师、学习武氏太极拳。师从上海自道精舍的李金刚、钟鹰扬老师学习乐传杨氏太极拳,并得到任刚大师指点。师从“安般太极”创始人邓文平老师学习安般念冥想、易筋经、武氏太极拳。

JIWEI LI:自幼酷爱习武,少林拳,跆拳道,散打和擒拿术皆有涉猎。毕业于中国人民警官大学,在中国和加拿大执法机构工作共十四年。从警后更加注重武术实战的需要,幸得武术明师钟鹰扬先生传授叶问咏春拳和乐传杨氏太极拳,习练不辍,终略有心得。愿以系统实用的中国武术传授给有缘人,让正宗的中国武术正面影响更多人的人生。





一.套路:小念头 二.基本功1.步法:二字钳羊马、转马、上马步2.脚法:摊脚、膀脚,正蹬脚3.手法:问手、护手、摊手、膀手、耕手等4.组合:拍打、耕打、摊打、转马拍耕打、上马步拍、耕、摊打等三、实战应用:甩手(一到二级)
四、力量与体能 五、理论:中线及三角理论、咏春拳历史源流、咏春拳决与心法

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