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Kyle's Family Catering

Mission statement: To provide a high quality food at a 30% food cost. I believe preparing food from fresh with a little more work and time investment comes out so much better than convenience or frozen food. I would like to provide a service and opportunity for people to have a customized experience to what they want and or need for any kind of event, occasion. Offering our services for any kind of event from a steak night with made to order steaks, to wedding fundraisers or even small events like a staff lunch.
My name is Kyle Semaganis and I have a dream to feed people a better quality of food with fresh ingredients, and no mystery filler. I have learned so many methods from a number of award winning chefs that have shown me how to make anything from scratch from mayonnaise to butter to sauces from just a base. I want to start a revolution in the kitchen where you go into a place, fundraiser, and wedding then say “I know what I’m eating and it is wonderful.” After learning all of these methods I feel like I have a better understanding of what food is and the taste of freshly prepared food is second to none. My wife Paula Rabbitskin feels the same way and is excited for us to start this family business for not only us but for our future and our children’s future.
I would like to start out with enough equipment to service 50-500 people. Having enough equipment for a larger buffet or spread for any occasion such as weddings, special events, grads, meetings, reunions and so on gives flexibility to conform to any and all occasions. There are a number of items I want for my catering start such as sheet pans, hotel pans, a conventional oven, spatulas, measuring cups, measuring spoons, wooden spoons, ladles, stock pots, sauté pans, rondos, a deep fryer, and a scale to prepare food with. There are items I will acquire later on like a meat grinder, sausage stuffer and so on for a fresher or customized experience for people to order. For now I would like to start small with a catering company then grow into a small diner and finally into a restaurant with a food truck capable of travelling anywhere and everywhere.
My educational background includes a high school diploma from N.B.C.H.S., Entrepreneurship and Small Business, a Siast course that allows me to be fully able to do my own accounting with Simply Accounting, payroll, finance management, how to make an operation strategy, keep up with the changing Canadian business parameters such as tax registration, inspections and employee rights. I would like to be an equal opportunities employer hiring both servers and cooks for any or all functions focusing on ready and available people whether they are on reserve or off. In 2 years I would like to have around 10-30 employees doing more than one function at any location across Saskatchewan. I realize that there is an off season for catering and that I may or may not have to lay employees off during this time. With an off season in mind I will rehire ex-employees to continue and grow with the company making a family environment.
During my time at Siast Kelsey campus taking Professional Cooking, I have learned about short order cooking, buffets, baking, breakfast cookery, quantity cooking (cooking for 75-100), fine dining preparation (such as plate presentation and proper garnish), and meat processing/cookery. I have the ability and confidence to adjust or conform to any situation that arises in the kitchen. Whether the situation is a preparation issue, cooking time, and or personnel issue I have the training and skills to fix or maintain the issue. Being a family based business we should be able to work together and rise above any situation working as a team.
Also in the time at school my class mate and I have decided that we will work together on this catering company to excel expectations of catering. We have been working together to develop of new or alter already existing recipes with the idea that it will be the best thing you have eaten in a long time. Examples of these possible break through ideas are ‘apply bourbon bbq sauce’, ‘breakfast pizza’, ‘bacon stuffing’, and ‘the meat loaf burger’. With the concept of experimenting with food and making it the next best thing, we can offer an almost unlimited menu for the consumer.
We have come up with concept menus that are an example of what we can offer and or create with a flexible menu plan at a certain price point.

Example Menus:

Traditional dinner starting at $10 a person depending on amount of people and or function needs.
Entrée(s) making approximately 2 servings a person, choices can be: Roast beef with a jus and/or gravy. Candied apple roasted ham with a caramel glaze. Roasted turkey roll with cranberry sauce and gravy (stuffing would be inside the roll). Roasted turkey carved or uncarved, with a choice of stuffing on the side (sausage stuffing, traditional stuffing, bacon stuffing).
Choices of Starches: Mashed potatoes mixed with cauliflower and flavoured with garlic, herbs and butter, a traditional macaroni salad, bean salad and potato salad.
Veg: Tossed salad, Cesar salad, steamed carrots, cauliflower, corns, green beans, broccoli and peas.
Breads: Stuffing, dinner rolls, dinner buns, crackers with cheese and or bannock (fried or baked).
Desserts: Cakes, fruit trays, cheese trays, pies, and or fruit salad.

Steak night $10 a person
Entrée: Steak cooked to order, dry ribs, burgers, racks of bbq ribs, customized pizzas, beer battered salmon, philly cheese steak sandwiches and or wings.
Starch: Mashed potato and cauliflower with herbs and butter with a gravy, potato skins, fries, poutine.
Veg: Cesar salad with a crouton, tossed salad, battered mushrooms.
Bread: Garlic toast, cheese toast.

Indian Taco service
Entrée: Indian taco (seasoned ground beef, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese and topped with sour cream on a slab of fried bannock)
Starch: Taters with a salsa.

Fine dining or wedding concept menu
Entrée: Stuffed chicken breast (spinach and gouda cheese), beef medallions with asparagus, salmon tornados, rack of lamb, lobster tail, full lobster, smoked salmon, roast chicken and or grilled chicken breast with asparagus.
Appetizers: Shrimp and scallops, squash soup, shrimp skewers, bacon cheese potato skins with sour cream, glazed side bacon cubes, meat balls and or clams/oysters.
Starch: Mashed potatoes made in any style, risotto.
Veg: Sautéed peppers, grape tomatoes on a leaf of lettuce.
Breads: Assorted bread basket.
Desserts: Sorbet, freshly flavoured ice creams, cheesecakes, and or strawberry shortcake.

My love of food took me places after I found some of the greatest ideas for simple comfort food. I would like to offer my food prep services for any event.

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